Land Loans

Ceasons Holdings is able to provide hard money loans in Texas on land.

If you own land, and you do not meet the criteria for a conventional lender, or you need money relatively quickly, Ceasons Holdings is an experienced resource for hard money loans in Texas.

The Land loans that we typically fund can be used to:
-Refinance your current lender,
-Pull cash-out of the land for development or other ventures
-Acquisition of property

Loan Size:

$100,000 to $2,500,000


Up to 12 months-extensions are available


Interest only

Rate and Fees:

Fixed interest rate; will vary based on risk

Loan to Value:

Up to 50% of the current market value of the collateral as determined by Ceasons Holdings


First lien position on land

Use of Funds:

Acquisition, refinance, and development of land, as well as note purchases

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